FOCUS Churches

FOCUS was created in 1967 when pastors of four churches in downtown Albany recognized a need to join together in a cooperative spirit.  Over the next decades FOCUS identified serious physical needs of those in poverty.  For more than 50 years, FOCUS has operated feeding programs which have grown to include tow food pantries, a year-round breakfast program which guests themselves named, "The Breakfast Club."  Nothing reflects the sense of welcome more than that name, which FOCUS has embraced.  And with each meal provided by the pantry or breakfast volunteers, a huge helping of hospitality is served right alongside.  

But FOCUS is also dedicated to educating others about the realities of poverty and advocating for the needs of those suffering injustice.  FOCUS has committed to speak truth to power in addition to its direct ministries of the body.  This year FOCUS joined with other individuals and organizations through the Poor People's Campaign. 

Today, FOCUS is a stand alone not for profit organization, separate from those member churches that first envisioned what such a community could accomplish.  FOCUS honors its roots and the original vision (read the FOCUS Covenant here) but continues seeking new ways to address issues we and our neighbors face.  We welcome participation from all individuals and organizations seeking justice in our world.  We honor those who have made a special commitment to our work together, and those include: 

The FOCUS Covenant Congregations: 

The FOCUS Interfaith Affiliates:

FOCUS serves the community through these year round programs:

Trinity Nursery & Day Care

Trinity Nursery & Day Care is an independent, non-profit organization, currently house in our building. The Board of Directors is comprised of an equal number of members of Trinity UMC and representatives from the day care community.  The Daycare serves many individuals receiving government assistance through the DSS program.  This is one of the only dacare centers in our neighborhood providing service to families with infants.

Kathleen Bisner, Director

215 Lancaster Street, Albany, NY 12210